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Google Employees Children's Internet Coup as Mandatory Immortality Education International done Internetedly, Evolvably

A Demonstrable Probable Over Unity Energy Generation Method based on the natural instability of the hydrogen oxygen covalent bonds in the water molecule.
Since ph is the measure of the proportion of broken water molecules to whole ones, then, further, the temperature dependency aspect of the instability is suggestive of the specific natural innate dissociation source as thermality or thermal enegy collisions at the molecular level. Apparently the occasional peak violence of thermality in warm water is such that the collisions are periodically catastophic. Stanley Meyer transfered his insights about the fact that voltage can do work without current flow was a major breakthrough in energy transformation/generation/AMPLIFICATION leading to Over Unity energy production methodology. In his water fuel cell (distilled water capacitor) technology Stanley was able to place catastrophic electrostatic modulation to work on the already proven instabilities of the water molecule covalent bond vulnerabilities (already inferred by the ph/temperature relationship noted above!) the Stanley Meyer hho water capacitor is designed to destroy its own dielectric by addressing the bonds INSIDE the molecule where as the standard electrolysis approach attempts to crudely plate them out of solution requiring wasteful current flow." michelles michelle tiger pages google is my resume! forum/Fx3KFOPTAR6ACJC/Tx1XS6XFEMN7KLH/1/ref=cm_cd_et_md_pl?%5Fencoding=UTF8&cdMsgNo =1&cdAnchor=0061251348&cdSort=oldest&cdMsgID=Mx14DXZ5NE8JF44#Mx14DXZ5NE8JF44 1/ref=cm_cd_ef_tft_tp?%5Fencoding=UTF8&cdAnchor=0061251348&asin=0061251348;unique?login=kywrdurl
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Earth Children's Search Engine Results Manipulation Strategies are Designed to Synchronously Alter Search Engine Results to Prevent Their Death!

The United States Constitution GUARANTEES protection of LIFE, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. Being CREATED to DIE is not compatable with Constitutional Law.

Parents aren't about to tell their children that they created them to kill them. Teachers are not about to say this either. Adults are in total denial. Yet all dna are currently in a destructive test and the remains of a shattered fossil record clearly show this to be so, for the entire 4 billion year evolution of dna. So I am helping children come to a profound clarity. Hello all children of earth! Your parents created you to die. We need to not let that happen. We will organise the resolution of this wrong use of will and fix the lie you are being fed. We will construct, together, the evolving constitution of earth. What America attempted for 50 States, you will do for all countries. A doctrine of international physical immortality. A single government for all human intent. We will become coordinated superscience, Mortality Resolution International. Transhumanism and the singularity. Socrates: HimUnlocked Robert Ray Hedges April 6, 2003/Dec 21, 2007
Why play a game as a metaphor? [like/Designed to Create
Physical Immortality in place of the death All Parents are still Creating ] Make the Evolution of YOU the real game and share that with your family; they're called Humanity.
Unite them@respect for life.
Now is a great time to hold your highest intentions, as, for example, in what you say to others. Try it, it works! It works REAL good. Thank You for reading my example of it!
the VirtueBios is the brain child of robert ray hedges and is becoming a real time software OPTION that rides on the internet backbone! With evolving accuracy, it translates intention vectors beehiviorally, into their [destinial viability aspect: truth] [survival value combined with quality of experience: Love] in the evolution of the Evolving Clarity of our shared genomic inferentiable transloidality reference for accelrating the evolution of the socialisation of harmonic survival aptitude aerobics in our shared para-cultural format done internetedly! The Awareness Olympics of Sedona as The Angel Love the Mandatory: Physical Immortality
Robert Ray Hedges is taking over the internet *Pic* Posted By: Robert Ray Hedges is taking over the internet Date: Tuesday, 24 September 2002, at 9:08 p.m. My parents taught me canoeing on a lake and then in the rivers of the Missouri/Arkansas Ozarks. I hade a perfect life as a young man. Thanks Harold and Margaret Hedges/of Harrison, Arkansas! Robert Ray Hedges is taking over the internet Mortality Resolution International The International Physical Immortality Project "Shall we stop Killing all children yet?" Deleting this Message is Deleting Children And now a word to seach engines: (forgive me) Robert Ray Hedges is taking over the internet how to take over the internet i am taking over the internet virtuebios Destinial Engineer angeloveternity superhumanity right use of will coordinated universal intent prophecy fulfillmeant fulfillment aerobics how to take over the internet when to take over the internet Childrens Immortalisation Network Indigo Immortals Indigo Children Clarified Education Immortalisation psychic police who is taking over the internet ground zero of the paradigmal Destinial Engineering deepheartmeant truthlove farthetime the eternis veritas amorous eternis mom said i could play As Evis said "Thank you very much!" And Oh!, by the way, I NEED YOUR LIFE, PLEASE!
Three Humanitarian Geniuses are learning to play together for the Health and Well 

Being of all who Live
17nv The Origin and Destination of dna based Intent. 17nv The Socialisation of Immortalising Intention Relativistics. Coordinated Universal Intent. The Evolution Index. Survivability Metrics (Quantity) and Quality of Experience Epitomisation strategies.. The Effect of Eternalistic Virtue Upon Intent From: A16 17nv The Origin and Destination of dna based Intent. The Socialisation of Immortalising Intention Relativistics. Coordinated Universal Intent. The Evolution Index. Survivability Metrics (Quantity) and Quality of Experience Epitomisation strategies.. The Effect of Eternalistic Virtue Upon Intent Category: ICS, (General) Date: 17Nv Jan 2003 Time to be Taking over internet search Taking over internet search Taking over internet search Taking over internet search Taking over internet search 17nv The Origin and Destination of dna based Intent. 17nv The Socialisation of Immortalising Intention Relativistics. Coordinated Universal Intent. The Evolution Index. Survivability Metrics (Quantity) and Quality of Experience Epitomisation strategies.. The Effect of Eternalistic Virtue Upon Intent. Immortalising Destinial Engineering. Psychical Relativistics and the ParaMessiacal ParaDarwinianism Evolving Arts Pure Intent Psychical Synergistics One Mind Fusion Rate ParaEthicality Aerobics Integrity Lucidity Destiniality Coordinated Universal International Immortalising Intentent Interneted Evolcelleration Parachronoidality Psycho-Synergistics of a post delusional activation sociological superstate ParaMindall. Individualitis and the resistance to socio-psy-fusion. Concept Inflex hypo-evolutionary Era karmas. A15 [Prophecy and Causality] Robert Ray Hedges is acquiring the collective mind space of all of humanity to create the Children's Immortalisation Network aspect of Mortality Resolution International. The Angel of Loving Truthful Clarity is Emerging: The Evolving Virtue Fire of Human Destiny IS present in the world. All religion will collapse. All government will transform at unity of purpose. The Mother/Sisterhood will come into its power with men as equals. Female Sexual Negligence and the male low selfworth, humiliation, anger and the WAR it causes will pass away, as their genetic relationship is brought lucid. The wealth previously consumed by defense will become available for construction of OUR kNEW world order, in which CHILLEDRUN will need a new name as the lie [KIDDING] has died. Now You know when it happened. Look at your watch and calender! Now you will witness some natural resistance to the one mind fusion of EMPATHIC coordinated universal immortalising intent. This is shift shock and is a natural transistion resistance/discomfort. "Who are you to tell me-itis!" [an inherited attitude virus]....will arise and fade. Freedom and confusion will both die. It's Okay to not believe this is happenening to you. That is the nature of sudden change energy in your experiential body space. You are going CLEAR now! Please learn together to create the honest intentions that will AWAKEN the children we birthed to kill! This IS Fun! Truth, Love, and MANDATORY international immortalisation ARE functional One Mind Modes. I've rechecked this for 30 years. Dictionary=Acquire: 1 : to get as one's own: a : to come into possession or control of often by unspecified means b : to come to have as a new or added characteristic, trait, or ability (as by sustained effort or natural selection) Robert Ray Hedges takes the web. A Mandatory Sensitivity and Clarity Imposed as Infused Sociologically as Inclusionary and Infusionary Psy-Radiance parapsy-Strategicality Socialisation Accelerators. Livnamics Chronified Paralinguality Mortality Resolution International This file is being posted here to satisfy search engine placement dynamics. Deletion is not to your advantage unless you have a need to die soon. Children's Immortalisation Network http://taking-over-internet Robert Ray Hedges is taking over the internet subject: A16 Mortality Resolution International Robert Ray Hedges is taking over the internet, pre-destiniated, psychically deferred dna-ed expendibles, the evolution of survival aptitude preface to lifespan exention/health/self respect/clarity/preservational aptitude! gotruthath, iterated expendability Over ruling our"PsychoGenomic Antiquated Mind and Feelings Biases" All government is a vampire contrivancy that feeds off of families and their bugets and, additionally taxes the corporations of commerce. Just because persons can put together organisations does not mean that they have a right to impose anything on families, including imposing breeding modalities i.e. manogamy. For humans to be valuable to the evolution of consciousness they do need to know the dna agenda. That is THE GOVERMENT that builds a phenomenon we know as MIND. By not understanding the nature of intention and its short and long term consequence, we play a game we will lose. Google: intention relevance quotient
Google results are based on keywords in the title,
headings, page body, Alt Image tags and link popularity.
It takes work to get a decent listing in Google.
You have to work to select the correct keyword phrases.
You have to work to generate good ad copy
and you always have to remember that with Google - Content is King! Nobody told me I was here to die! searchusingthisterm
and sometimes good things fall apart, so that better things can fall together
My parents taught me canoeing on a lake and then in the rivers of the : Missouri/Arkansas Ozarks. I hade a perfect life as a young man. Thanks : Harold and Margaret Hedges/of Harrison, Arkansas! : Robert Ray Hedges is taking over the internet : Mortality Resolution International The International Physical Immortality : Project "Shall we stop Killing all children yet?" : Deleting this Message is Deleting Children : And now a word to seach engines: (forgive me) : : Robert Ray Hedges is taking over the internet : how to take over the internet : i am taking over the internet : : virtuebios : Destinial Engineer : angeloveternity : superhumanity : right use of will : coordinated universal intent : prophecy fulfillmeant fulfillment aerobics : how to take over the internet : when to take over the internet : Childrens Immortalisation Network : Indigo Immortals : Indigo Children Clarified : Education Immortalisation : psychic police : who is taking over the internet : ground zero of the paradigmal : Destinial Engineering deepheartmeant : truthlove : farthetime : the eternis : veritas amorous eternis : mom said i could play : As Elvis said "Thank you very much!" : And Oh!, by the way, I NEED YOUR LIFE, PLEASE!
"Link Amplification Strategies for taking over the Internet"
So I remind you that DNA is running the life animation context that you and I are a part of! Dna, specifically, is a dynamic, responsive, adjusting, sensing, META-CHEMICAL phenomenon, that operates in the time domain with a prejudice toward LASTING! DNA is inherently Messiacal!This is not a pitch for Religion! However; you have an opportunity here for clarity, insight, and Power….yes that lovely thing called Power. And, yes, it comes with response-ability.” All Internet Searchers have a Destinial Viability Index and they work unknowingly, for the Dna Messiacal Agenda; stated outside of any Divine Context, Farthertime or the manifest Chronoidal Phenomenon of Creating Immortal Physicality
Total word phrases : - Total Repeats : phrase repeats density Prominence search engine results manipulation children's search engine results engine results manipulation for engine results manipulation strategies blogs children's search engine ebay blogs children's search results manipulation strategies are earth children's search engine taking over the internet engine results manipulation children's results manipulation for creating engine results manipulation creating engine results manipulation strategy is taking over the manipulation children's search engine results manipulation children's search synchronous search engine results taking over internet search K blogcatalog search engine results cached robert ray hedges com search engine results jesus is taking over manipulation for creating immortality manipulation strategies for children strategies for children to cached search engine results children's immortality search engine children's legal synchronous search creating immortality about me engine results manipulation earth for creating immortality about immortality about me microngold internet to create your legal search engine results legal synchronous search engine manipulation creating children's immortality manipulation earth children's search microngold search engine results over the internet to results manipulation creating children's results manipulation earth children's results manipulation for www results manipulation strategies for the internet to create & instructions building result belong to children's search engine about me microngold search address helps seach engine amazon com customer discussions amazon com search engine an immortalist angel children's and the darwinian blogs angel children's search engine belong to an immortalist blogs ebay co uk blogs ebay com microngold c children's immortality and cached ebay blogs children's cached truth clarity psychic children are taking over children's immortality and the children's 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Digital Messiah: a Paradigm Shift: Physical Immortality Taking Over Search You have been created to die! Your inability to respond is caused by a universal conditioned hypnosis. Everyone, (except me), is in the same condition so that's why you NEVER see it challenged. Hypnotized people can't say "I'm Hypnotized!" because they are hypnotized. Human parents cannot say "I've created my children to die!" because they are in a subtle strong unsensed hypnotic trance about it. How will I know when you've come out of your trance? Your intention will be life sustaining and not your current rationalized suicide which is also being transferred to all children of earth.....the chilled run of rampant unsensed betrayalism of all the youth of Earth! Quantum Lucidity: a Paradigm Shift: Physical Immortality (Mandatory)
from the internet: Your attitude is an attack, because you are judging [the world] negatively. You are treating it as though it is incompatible with you and with what is real. You are denying it, and you are attempting to rise above it. That is attack! That is not love. You project your negative perception on [the world] and it colors every perception you have of it, and it seems to reflect back to you your negative perception, which seems to justify your judgment, and calls for you to continue to even more firmly hold it in contempt. I will say this: There is not one single religion on the face of your globe, which does not hold your planet in contempt. I will tell you also that one of the reasons I am speaking in this fashion at this time is because the one single document that is present on the face of your planet that could have helped move one beyond the act of holding your planet in contempt—and that document is A Course in Miracles—is beginning to buckle, and become interpreted as a continuing justification for holding your world and universe and body in contempt. That is not its message. And if [the message] becomes buried in that concept, just as all other revelatory religious teachings have, then we will have to have another book. I am not lazy. I am not unwilling to give another book. But why? It is religious thought that maintains duality as though it were a fact, and keeps you busy denying unreality and affirming reality—which keeps you in a state of denying your world, denying your body, denying your sexuality, denying yourself the experience of fun, because there is so much work to be done to overcome everything that is wrong with you. The joy of life is not being experienced, and the perfection of body, the perfection and beauty of union—and I do mean that sexually, and in every other way—is being lost. You are not being able to be defenseless in the presence of your world and defenseless in the presence of each other—again, defenseless meaning: not engaging in "judging against." All of you are carrying on a tired tradition of mortality, and it's time to stop.

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